First, you should know that many people ask us about things that aren't really related to XDoclet. Would you ask your IDE manufacturer why how to specify an EJB finder query? Hopefully not. You shouldn't ask us either. There are better forums for that.

We receive an astonishing amount of support requests, and handling them can be a big burden. One of the reasons we receive so many requests is that many people don't bother to figure out what their problem relates to. Just because XDoclet can generate for example JBoss deployment descriptors, it doesn't necessarily mean we can be held responsible for generation of incorrect code. More importantly, we might not even know how to help you with JBoss.

If you have successfully managed to run XDoclet and generate files, but you think there is something wrong with the generated files, there can be many causes for this. Possible causes are (with decreasing probability):

  • You have incorrect tags in your Java class. Missing tags, bad parameters, tags in wrong places etc. Please consult the Tag Reference carefully. Examining the samples is also helpful.
  • You have incorrect subtasks and parameters in your build script. Please consult the Ant Task Reference carefully. Examining the samples' build file is also helpful.
  • You have bad classpath settings. Make sure the classpath you pass to the taskdef you're using to define an XDoclet task in your ant script contains all the jar files in the lib directory, and all the jar files containing the classes on which your tagged classes depend (struts.jar, ejb.jar, servlet.jar, etc.)
  • You have found a bug (see below).


If you believe you found a bug in XDoclet, or you would like to see a new feature implemented, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Verify that the issue isn't reported before (search for previously posted issues). Chances are the issue is already reported and fixed in CVS. If it is, please try the CVS version and see if that works for you.
  2. Search the mailing lists and see if anything is written about it (xdoclet-user on Geocrawler, xdoclet-devel on Geocrawler).
  3. If you do not find anything, please report the issue, and include a detailed description on how to reproduce it. Filing improvements (patches) is the preferred way to get bugs fixed quickly.

QUICK HOWTO: Reporting issues in JIRA

Some people find it difficult to log issues (bugs, feature requests, patches) in JIRA. Here is a quick howto:

  1. Go to
  2. If you haven't got an account in this JIRA system, create one by following the "Signup" link. Then log in.
  3. Follow the "New Issue" link at the top of the page.
  4. Select the project (XDoclet, XJavaDoc...).
  5. Select the issue type:
    • Bug: You have discovered some incorrect behavior in the software.
    • New Feature: You'd like to see some new feature.
    • Task: You want to record "something to do" for the developers.
    • Improvement: You want to contribute with some code. Maybe a bugfix (also known as patch).
  6. Click the "Next >>" button.
  7. Fill in as much info as you can on this page.
  8. Click the "Create" button.