A base class for all Tasks. It can also be used directly, useful for the case where you want to execute a template file but you don't want to bother writing a new task.

Implementing Class



encodingSpecify the source file encoding name, such as Windows-31J, EUC-JP, UTF-8. In default, system default encoding is used.
docencodingSpecify encoding name for template engine. The generated file encoding may be this value. In default, system default encoding is used.
excludedTagsSpecify tags that should not be automatically written to output files. The normal behaviour is to include all @ tags from the source file to the output files. This may cause trouble if you use cvs-like tag like $Revision: 1.5 $ that will be overwritten at each build and causes a difference for CVS even if the code himself is not changed. Example: excludedtags="@ version" For excluded tags, ejbdoclet will generate an hardcoded tag. Example: @ version XDOCLET 1.0 No.
destDirDestination directory for output files Only if it's not specified for a subtask.
mergeDirDirectory where subtasks will look for files to be merged with generated files. No, but should be set if you want to use the merge feature.
forceSpecify if the generation of files should be forced. In normal cases, the timestamp of generated file is checked against the timestamps of the class (and its super classes) we generate from. When this timestamp checking should be bypassed (for example after the installtion of a new xdoclet version) then the user should force the regeneration. The easiest way is to run the Ant build file with a parameter "-Dxdoclet.force=true" and add the option "force=${xdoclet.force}" to the doclet call. No.
verboseSets the Verbose attribute of the DocletTask object. No.
addedTagsAdd some JavaDoc tags (or comments) to the generated classes. A special case @ xdoclet-generated. If this is included, ejbdoclet will not consider the file if it is by error in the fileset of the ejbdoclet task. No.

Nested Elements

actionformGenerates a Struts ActionForm, based on a POJO.
antdocsGenerates ant docs.
beaninfoGenerate the BeanInfo class for a given JavaBean class, and an optional messages properties bundle to go with it.
configParamAllows to set configuration parameters that will be included in the element as attribute value pair.
externalizerExternalizes key-value paired tags to whatever configured file (be it xml or properties file).
filesetAnt's <fileset> definition. To define the files to parse.
mavenpluginGenerates xdoclet Maven plugin.
packageSubstitutionSubstitutes the package of the generated files.
propertiestranslatorCreates translator classes for convenient access to externalized resource bundles.
subTaskGeneric subtask.
templateGeneric subtask for processing a user-supplied template.
xmlGeneric subtask for processing a user-supplied template, to generate an XML document.
xmlTemplateGeneric subtask for processing a user-supplied template, to generate an XML document.