Generates MBeanDescriptionAdaptor subclass for Mx4j.

Implementing Class



patternSets the Pattern attribute of the Mx4jDescriptionAdapterSubTask object No.
acceptInterfacesIndicates whether or not to generate for interfaces. No, default is "true"
acceptAbstractClassesIndicates whether or not to generate for abstract classes. No, default is "true"
packageSubstitutionsSets the PackageSubstitutions attribute of the TemplateSubTask object No.
packageSubstitutionInheritanceSupportedIndicates whether or not package substitution should be inherited No, default is "true"
prefixWithPackageStructureIndicates whether or not to prefix with package structure. No, default is "true"
destinationFileThe destination file name. If a {0} is found it's assumed that a per class output generation is needed, so {0} is substituted with class name; otherwise a single file is generated with the specified name. No, default is determined by this task.
templateFileSets the name of the template file to use for generation No, default is determined by this task.
havingClassTagSets the HavingClassTag attribute of the TemplateSubTask object No.
ofType No.
subTaskNameSets an optional name for the subtask that will be seen in XDoclet's debug messages. No.
destDirSets the directory where the generated file(s) will be written. No.
mergeDirSpecifies the location of the merge directory. This is where XDoclet will look for merge files. No.

Nested Elements

configParamSpecifies a configuration parameter for the subtask.
packageSubstitutionSubstitutes the package of the generated files.