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Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet
 class XmlSubTask
          Generic subtask for processing a user-supplied template, to generate an XML document.

Methods in xdoclet with parameters of type TemplateSubTask
 void XmlSubTask.copyAttributesFrom(TemplateSubTask templateSrc)
          Describe what the method does
 void DocletTask.addTemplate(TemplateSubTask subtask)
          Generic subtask for processing a user-supplied template.
 void TemplateSubTask.copyAttributesFrom(TemplateSubTask src)
          Describe what the method does
 void SubTask.copyAttributesFrom(TemplateSubTask src)
          Describe what the method does

Constructors in xdoclet with parameters of type TemplateSubTask
GenerationManager(xjavadoc.XJavaDoc xJavaDoc, TemplateSubTask subTask)
          Describe what the GenerationManager constructor does

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.axis.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.axis.ejb
 class AxisDeploySubTask
          Generates an Axis deployment document for deploying a web service.
 class AxisUndeploySubTask
          Generates an Axis deployment document for undeploying a web service.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.soap.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.soap.ejb
 class ApacheSoapSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.struts

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.struts
 class ActionFormSubTask
          Generates a Struts ActionForm, based on a POJO.
 class StrutsConfigXmlSubTask
          Generates struts-config.xml deployment descriptor.
 class StrutsDynaFormValidationXmlSubTask
          Generates Struts Validator validation.xml deployment descriptor for struts dynamic action forms.
 class StrutsValidationXmlSubTask
          Generates Struts Validator validation.xml deployment descriptor.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.struts.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.struts.ejb
 class StrutsFormSubTask
          Generates a Struts ActionForm, based on an entity EJB.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.tapestry

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.apache.tapestry
 class ComponentSpecificationSubTask
          Generates component-specifications for Tapestry applications.
 class PageSpecificationSubTask
          Generates page-specifications for Tapestry applications.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.bea.wls.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.bea.wls.ejb
 class WebLogicSubTask
          This task can generate deployment descriptors for WLS 6.0, 6.1, 7.0 and 8.1.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.bea.wls.web

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.bea.wls.web
 class WeblogicWebXmlSubTask
          Generates weblogic.xml deployment descriptor for Web apps.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.borland.bes.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.borland.bes.ejb
 class BorlandSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.caucho

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.caucho
 class ResinEjbSubTask
          Subtask for generation of resin-ejb.
 class ResinWebXmlSubTask
          Subtask for generation of web.xml with resin extensions.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.doc

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.doc
 class AntdocSubTask
          Generates ant docs.
 class DocumentTagsSubTask
          Extracts doc.blabla tags from xdoclet.* sources and generates an html file describing the tags and their parameters.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in
 class InfoSubTask
          Extracts tag values from classes and method docs and generates an HTML report that summarizes all occurrences of this tag in a source tree.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb
 class AbstractEjbCodeGeneratorSubTask
          Parent of all EJB sub-tasks which generate code (class or interface).

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.dao

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.dao
 class DaoSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.dd

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.dd
 class AbstractEjbDeploymentDescriptorSubTask
          Base class for all subtasks that generate xml-ish ejb deployment descriptors.
 class EjbDotXmlSubTask
          Subtask for generating standard EJB deployment descriptor.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.entity

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.entity
 class DataObjectSubTask
          Creates "data objects" for Entity EJBs.
 class EntityBmpSubTask
          Creates "entity bean classes" for BMP entity EJBs.
 class EntityCmpSubTask
 class EntityFacadeSubTask
 class EntityPkSubTask
          Generates primary key classes for entity EJBs.
 class ValueObjectSubTask
          Creates "value objects" for Entity EJBs.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.home

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.home
 class HomeInterfaceSubTask
          Generates remote home interfaces for EJBs.
 class LocalHomeInterfaceSubTask
          Generates local home interfaces for EJBs.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.intf

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.intf
 class LocalInterfaceSubTask
          Generates local interfaces for EJBs.
 class RemoteInterfaceSubTask
          Generates remote interfaces for EJBs.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.lookup

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.lookup
 class LookupObjectSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.mdb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.mdb
 class MdbSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.session

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.ejb.session
 class RemoteFacadeSubTask
          this subtask is stage 2 of remote facade generation.
 class SessionSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.exolab.castor.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.exolab.castor.ejb
 class CastorSubTask
          Generates mapping.xml deployment descriptor.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.externalizer

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.externalizer
 class ExternalizerSubTask
          Externalizes key-value paired tags to whatever configured file (be it xml or properties file).
 class PropertiesTranslatorSubTask
          Creates translator classes for convenient access to externalized resource bundles.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.hibernate

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.hibernate
 class FactoryClassSubTask
          Generate a SessionFactory facade that is capable of configuring Hibernate inline, as well as provide a convenient method of switching later to other SessionFactory implementations.
 class HibernateCfgSubTask
          Generate the hibernate.cfg.xml file.
 class HibernateSubTask
          This task generates Hibernate xml mapping file for a given class.
 class JBossServiceSubTask
          Generate jboss mbean descriptor for hibernated classes

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.hp.hpas.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.hp.hpas.ejb
 class HPASSubTask
          Creates hp-ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor for HPAS.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in
 class WebSphereSubTask
          Generates WebSphere specific deployment descriptors for EJB modules.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in
 class WebSphereWebXmlSubTask
          Generates WebSphere specific deployment descriptors for Web modules.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in
 class BeanInfoSubTask
          Generate the BeanInfo class for a given JavaBean class, and an optional messages properties bundle to go with it.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jboss.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jboss.ejb
 class JBossSubTask
          Creates jboss.xml, jaws.xml and/or jbosscmp-jdbc.xml deployment descriptors for JBoss.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jboss.jmx

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jboss.jmx
 class JBossXMBeanDescriptorSubTask
          Generates xml file for JBossMX.
 class JBossXmlDocSubTask
          Generates a skeleton {0}-service.xml file for JBoss mbean configuration.
 class JBossXmlServiceTemplateSubTask
          Generates a {servicefile}-service.xml file for JBoss mbean configuration.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jboss.web

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jboss.web
 class JBossWebXmlSubTask
          Generates jboss-web.xml deployment descriptor.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jdo

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jdo
 class JdoXmlMetadataSubTask
          Generates the XML metadata for the JDO classes.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jmx

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jmx
 class MBeanInterfaceSubTask
          Generates MBean interface for JMX MBean.
 class MLetSubTask
          Generates mlet description for JMX MBean.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jsf

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.jsf
 class FacesConfigXmlSubTask
          Generate the faces.config.xml for Java Server Faces

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.macromedia.jrun.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.macromedia.jrun.ejb
 class JRunSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.macromedia.jrun.web

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.macromedia.jrun.web
 class JRunWebXmlSubTask
          Generates jrun-web.xml deployment descriptor.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.maven

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.maven
 class MavenpluginSubTask
          Generates xdoclet Maven plugin.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.mockobjects

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.mockobjects
 class MockObjectSubTask
          Subtask for mockobject.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.mvcsoft.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.mvcsoft.ejb
 class MVCSoftSubTask
          Generates MVCSoft's xml.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.mx4j

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.mx4j
 class Mx4jDescriptionAdapterSubTask
          Generates MBeanDescriptionAdaptor subclass for Mx4j.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.objectweb.jonas.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.objectweb.jonas.ejb
 class JonasSubTask
          Generates the deployment descriptor for JOnAS.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.objectweb.jonas.web

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.objectweb.jonas.web
 class JonasWebSubTask
          Generates the web application deployment descriptor for JOnAS.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.openejb.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.openejb.ejb
 class OpenEJBSubTask
          Creates openejb-jar.xml deployment descriptors for OpenEJB.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in
 class OC4JSubTask
          Generates OC4J specific deployment descriptor (orion-ejb-jar.xml).

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.orion.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.orion.ejb
 class OrionSubTask
          Generates Orion's orion-ejb-jar.xml.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.portlet

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.portlet
 class PortletXmlSubTask
          Generates portlet.xml deployment descriptor, per JSR-168.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.pramati.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.pramati.ejb
 class PramatiSubTask
          Generates Pramati deployment files

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.spring

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.spring
 class SpringValidationXmlSubTask
          Generates Struts Validator validation.xml deployment descriptor.
 class SpringXmlSubTask
          Generates XML file to wire beans in the Spring framework.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.sun.sunone.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.sun.sunone.ejb
 class SunONESubTask
          Generates configuration files for EJB jars in iPlanet/SunONE

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.sybase.easerver.ejb

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.sybase.easerver.ejb
 class EAServerSubTask
          Generates configuration files for EJB jars in EAServer 4.1+

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.web

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.web
 class JspTaglibSubTask
          Generates taglib.tld deployment descriptor for JSP taglibs.
 class ServiceEndpointSubTask
          Generates service endpoint interfaces for JAXPRC beans.
 class WebXmlSubTask
          Generates web.xml deployment descriptor.

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.webwork

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.webwork
 class WebWorkActionDocsSubTask
          Generates HTML file containing description of defined WebWork actions.
 class WebWorkActionsXmlSubTask
          Generates the actions.xml file.
 class WebWorkConfigPropertiesSubTask

Uses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.wsee

Subclasses of TemplateSubTask in xdoclet.modules.wsee
 class JaxrpcMappingSubTask
          Subtask that generates the jaxrpc-mapping.xml deployment descriptor.
 class WebServicesXmlSubTask
          SubTask that generates the web-services.xml deployment descriptor.
 class WsdlSubTask
          Subtask that generates a service.wsdl service descriptor.